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Shana oh Yoshitsune Manga

Shana oh Yoshitsune

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Author: SAWADA Hirofumi

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Category: Action, Adventure, Historical, Shounen

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Date Added: Mar 14, 2017

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Reading Direction: Right to left

Status: Completed

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Shana oh Yoshitsune is an alternative story to the popular historical figure Minamoto no Yoshitsune along with his servants, including the renown Benkei who lived in the Heian Era. In this version, Yoshitsune was actually a weak, sickly boy who met an exact body replica in Hyouta, a traveling orphan who earn his living on the street. Being physically stronger, Hyouta was led to become a replacement for Yoshitsune, eventually claiming the name as his own. This manga is a fictional story (albeit with many historical references) of his journey to restore the honor of Genji (Minamoto) Clan. From DragonVoice: This is naturally a shounen manga and deals with the orphaned boy Hyouta who's in a group of traveling entertainers and one day he encounters a fine noble woman named Tokiwa who requests the group to perform at her home. But her intentions are not what they seem to be... Read the rest for yourself ^^ The first chapter will probably remind you guys of the story of "The Prince and the Beggar".

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